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What Makes Dental Implants So Popular? 

Losing your teeth because of extractions or tooth decay sounds like a distant possibility, but it’s more common than you think. Over 100 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, an unfortunate fact that has brought attention to the solutions at hand. Dental implants in Troy, MI, are an extremely sought-after restorative dentistry procedure, and they owe their popularity to the many advantages their wearers experience every day. 

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Why Do So Many People Want Dental Implants? 

They Are Permanent 

Dental professionals fix this porcelain and titanium prosthesis to the empty socket of your mouth through surgery. Over time, the root of your new artificial tooth fuses with your jawbone, becoming a permanent member of your smile. If you follow your dentist’s advice on how to take proper care of your teeth, dental implants can last over 20 years and even a lifetime. 

They Make You Look Younger 

Dental implants save you money by being long-lasting, and they also make your face look several years younger. The roots of your natural teeth stimulate your upper and lower jaw, increasing bone density and preventing your face from having a sunken appearance. Missing teeth put a stop to this process and age your face. By getting dental implants, you restore bone stimulation and lift your facial bones, bringing back a younger version of yourself. 

They Keep Neighboring Teeth Stable 

Your jaw won’t be the only tissue benefiting from dental implants, as your natural remaining teeth will also be safer and straighter after you complete your smile. Neighboring teeth shift towards mouth gaps, changing their position and eventually interfering with proper chewing and talking. When your dentist places dental implants in your empty sockets, teeth don’t have a chance to move, staying straight and not affecting how you speak and eat. 

They Enhance Your Chewing and Speech 

Aside from preventing tooth shifting, dental implants will allow you to eat your favorite meals and hold proper conversations once again. When there’re no teeth to handle the chewing, having breakfast or dinner becomes a challenging and sometimes painful endeavor. Dental implants act like real teeth, helping your natural pearly whites chop food and allowing you to enjoy all kinds of dishes again. However, for longer-lasting implants, try to stay away from some hard or sticky foods, such as: 

  • Candy 
  • Sugary drinks 
  • Ice 
  • Dried fruits 

You also press your tongue against your teeth and bring your upper and lower pearly whites together to utter certain sounds. With some teeth missing, it can be impossible to complete some sentences, which can affect your self-esteem. Once again, placing dental implants where your former teeth were can give you back the ability to speak freely and boost your confidence. 

They Shield Your Mouth from Dental Problems 

Thanks to dental implants, patients with missing teeth have one less source of oral problems. Empty sockets are also a paradise for food remains and harmful bacteria, which accumulate in these gaps and eventually give you periodontal disease. Covering the spaces won’t give dangerous substances room to harm mouth tissue, resulting in healthier gums. 

Empty sockets also make adjacent teeth prone to cavities, a problem you can quickly solve by getting dental implants. These prostheses are also immune to cavities, as their porcelain crowns are not porous and don’t allow bacteria to harm their structure. 

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Looking for Top-Quality Dental Implants in Troy, MI? 

Dental implants can turn your life around due to their durability, long lifespan, and ability to improve oral health. Contact our team to learn if they are the right fit for you! 

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