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Steer Clear of These Five Red Flags When Choosing a Dentist

Even the bravest-looking adult can be terrified of sitting in a dentist’s chair, and this worsens when the dental professional caring for your teeth is not someone you can trust. Regular check-ups also fix existing problems and prevent potential bacteria from further damaging your teeth, so it’s vital to find a dentist who can take care of your smile correctly. 

If you’ve found a dentist in Troy, MI, and they raise any of the following red flags, think twice before booking an appointment. 

  1. They Don’t Sterilize and Clean Their Tools 

When you enter a dentist’s office, the words “spotless” and “pristine” should immediately come to mind. Since dental professionals work with several patients daily, check that they wear a new pair of gloves and a new mask once you sit down in their chair. Dental professionals should also sterilize their equipment as soon as they examine you, so they don’t get foreign bacteria in your mouth and further infect your teeth. 

  1. They Don’t Request Your Medical Records 

The first thing a new dentist should ask of you is to hand them your dental history, which will give them an idea of what your mouth has been through and what problems it tends to have. Getting a hold of your dental records also allows a new dental professional to do a follow-up of former procedures and look for changes. 

No questions about your history mean the dentist will act blindly and could put your mouth at risk, so it should serve as a warning. 

  1. They Pressure You to Frequently Get X-Rays 

Dental X-Rays are essential when keeping track of non-visible dental problems, such as minor fractures or internal tooth decay. Dentists may also ask for them after dental surgery to ensure that the inside of your mouth is healthy. However, you only need to take them twice a year at most, so stay away from dental professionals who insist on you getting X-Rays frequently and without cause. 

  1. They Are Rude 

When picking a new dentist, they shouldn’t just be knowledgeable, but they should also be gentle and make you feel safe. A dental professional willing to answer every question and rid you of dental anxiety is someone you want to keep around. If they aren’t, it probably means they only see you as a set of teeth to fix, and for that, they are not worth your money. 

  1. Their Office Is Far Away 

This factor isn’t your potential dentist’s fault but something you should still avoid when looking for a new dental professional. Since you should get your teeth checked at least every six months, your dentist’s office should be nearby, motivating you to schedule regular visits for a beautiful, healthy smile. 

If you undergo a dental procedure, your dentist should also be close to your home to make a follow-up and solve any complications, such as infections or excessive bleeding. 

Having your dentist near your house is also a must when dealing with a dental emergency, like tooth loss or fractures. 

Looking For a New Reliable Dentist in Troy, MI? 

Dentists should make you feel safe and put your dental needs above all. At Somerset Dentistry, we are ready to provide top-quality treatment for your smile. Contact us and book an appointment today

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