Dr. Chaudhry Says Staying Balanced is Key

Did you know that having a neutral pH level in your mouth is key to keeping cavities away?  What is pH and what does it have to do with our mouth?  Everything we eat and drink changes the level of acidity in our mouths.  Some things like lemon, coffee, and soda greatly increase the acidity.  Even food can cause the pH level to drop which is the perfect condition for bacteria to thrive. The more acidic the mouth, the greater the ability for bacteria to thrive, the greater the chance of cavity action!

Being close to neutral is key.  Meaning a pH between 5.6 and 7.2.  Luckily, our saliva is able to work and help achieve that but it takes time for it to get back to normal levels.  This is why Somerset Dentistry recommends less snacking throughout the day.  Try having your meals and drinks together at one time instead of sipping or eating throughout the day so your mouth’s balance isn’t disrupted too often.

Another great way to get back to balance is by drinking water! And if you feel the need to chew, we recommend chewing sugar free gum. Staying away from acidic drinks and sugary snacks is crucial in maintaining that key balance as well.

In the mean time Dr. Chaudhry says keep flossing, keep brushing, and keep balanced!

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